Aluminet Shade Cloth – 70% – 7 FT X 10 FT


Aluminet Shade Cloth – 70% – 7 FT X 10 FT – Normally $0.46/sq.ft.

Shade Level – 70%
Energy Savings – 45%
Direct Light Transmission – 30%
Burst Strength – 4.7
Weight ( oz/sq.ft. ) – 2.57
Diffused Light Transmission – 45%
Stock Widths – 7 ft, 14 ft, 21 ft, 28 ft

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Aluminet shade cloth is perhaps the most popular variety of shade cloth in use today. In addition to simply blocking the suns hot rays, it also has a very high reflective quality that will reflect the heat away from your structure, instead of absorbing the heat as darker shade clothes tend to do.

Just like our standard black and colored shade cloths, our Aluminet is also a lock stitched cloth. This means that unlike a cheaper woven cloth that can unravel and fall apart, lock stitched clothes feature thousands of small knots that hold the cloth together even when ripped or torn.

Because of Aluminet’s high reflective quality it has become a very popular choice for covering patios, outdoor eating areas, cool zones where sports are played, dog kennels, greenhouses, livery stables and other places where excessive heat can cause discomfort or serious health effects.

Aluminet is available in shade ratings ranging from 30%-70% and in several stock widths. Lengths up to 1000 feet or longer are available but larger sizes have to be palletized and shipped by truck. Smaller shade cloths normally ship via standard UPS.

Benefits of Aluminet Thermal Shade Cloth:

– UV stabilization offers durability and longer life
– Lock stitch process will not unravel when cut and is easily repaired
– Finished edges are not required due to the lock stitch process
– Much lighter then standard shade cloth
– Anti-Oxidation Coating
– Protection from frost
– Reflective properties reduce heat build up underneath
– Reflects harmful radiation heat and unwanted sun light